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English Teaching Program in Cambodia

English Language Fellow Known as ELF is a program which promotes the expansion of English Teaching and Education in Cambodia. ELF Program trains the teachers and staffs. They also involve in creating program for study, designing text books and customize English for precise use.

There is decrease in the population of the national minority groups because they are considered political enemies and murdered for death.

Cambodian Education spotlights the children with country’s ancient history, so they have no exposure to the modern global happenings.

Role-play, Small-Group activities, and judicious large-group Discussions are the training that significantly diverges from the customary teaching of Cambodia.

Industries such as hospitality and tourism require Basic English skills and a lot of the worldwide organization with workplace in Cambodia use English for every day act.

Cambodia has been short of English program of study in state schools, training resources, and a scarcity of skilled teaching team.

Cambodia is one of the nations where we can get a teaching career with ease, and it's also one of the most excellent places to do so.

Where to Look for Teaching Program:

The capital city of Phnom Penh is the place in Cambodia to locate a trustworthy job.

Dress Code: Asian traditions are extremely sensitive to looks and learner will criticize if you are not wearing business attire.

TESOL Certification
The Duration of the course is 4 weeks. Training is provided to learn Khmer Language and Culture. 24 hours round the clock support by LanguageCorps. 3 day outing to Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville, a beach resort. Dinner during welcome and graduation

Phnom Penh Tour, Airport Pickup is offered. Daily Transport is provided to school during training. 1-year enrollment in basic emergency travel insurance and Re-entry package upon your return

US-based pre-departure support, Assured job position and tailored placement support through your Corps Advocate, Complete medical cover with basic travel protection and emergency political evacuation, Cell phone during your stay, Corps Advocate support all through your stay, Career-oriented re-entry package to help market your global teaching skill and boost your resume.

Pre-departure package and support including visa support, Airport pickup, Phnom Penh welcoming tour and dinner with peers, Medical and evacuation Insurance, 2 weeks TESOL training, Cultural and Language training, 6 weeks volunteer experience teaching in a partner orphanage or special needs school, 8 weeks housing, Cell phone for duration of the program, Gift to orphanage or school ($100 donation given in your name), Transportation to and from the orphanage/school, 3 day outing to Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and beach resort town of Sihanoukville, Option to extend the length of your stay for an additional $150 per week (including accommodations, insurance and other support services described above). Option to upgrade to the Volunteer plus Program and obtain your TESOL Certification by participating in our full four-week TESOL Certification course.

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