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Economic differences in Cambodia were startling

The economic differences in Cambodia were startling. Especially compared to our trip in 1999 when everyone seemed to be poor or lower middle-class. It was almost impossible to get a clear answer from any Cambodia on exactly what the people earn, etc., but below are a few examples with clear-cut distinctions we noticed:
- New motorbikes cost around $1,400. Used around $600. You would expect to see motorbikes, regular bicycles and old cars in Southeast Asia. What we didn't expect to see were hundreds of brand-new Lexus SUV's everywhere. BMW's, Toyota Ravas, Mercedes Benz. Who can afford these expensive cars? One word - corruption. Money from skimmed off development funds, cargo, petrol, import/export (the worst offenders), and palm oil plantations. Naturally, the "have-nots" are still using bullocks, ponies, horses or an old tractor for transportation.

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