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Fantastic Siem Riep in Cambodia

Fantastic Siem Riep in Cambodia

This "Heart of Cambodia" trip spent four nights in Siem Riep. Four nights in one place...amazing. We'd actually have a chance to unpack and see what's in our suitcases. It's New Year's Eve but we're not great celebrators even though our conveniently located hotel, the Angkorland, has a big gala going on tonight in the pool-side area. Instead, ex-Marine and I took the 2-8 block walk from the hotel into the central area of Siem Riep. Could have taken a tuk-tuk for $1.50 but it felt so good, not only to walk, but to walk around an area where things were happening...
We wouldn't have known that this was the same Siem Riep we saw in 1999. Siem Riep was a little provincial town with few facilities. There were very few large hotels, handful of budget guesthouses, no restaurants to speak of, no taxis and tuk-tuks, or places to shop. Only the Central Market, still there. Now....well! Almost beyond description.

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