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# Multimedia State-of-the-Art Course Materials: We are pleased to expand the frontiers of education with one of the first Online MBA Programs to offer

The Regis Online MBA degree is one of the first graduate degree programs in the world to offer adult students multiple, flexible learning formats that can be easily customized to fit their individual educational needs and lifestyles. Through state-of-the-art video, audio and textbook materials, the student is led step-by-step through the learning process and course work. Heavily based on video instruction with accompanying textbooks and practical student guides, each course includes weekly assignments to help students stay focused, motivated and on track.When you are accepted into the Regis Online MBA Degree program, a Regis faculty member is assigned as your individual academic advisor. In addition, you will be assigned an evaluating faculty advisor with each course you take. Your academic advisor will serve as your primary contact with the University throughout your MBA program. However, you will be in constant contact with your evaluating faculty advisor for the duration of each course.v

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