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Some Unusual Foods in Cambodia

Don't know if Anthony Bourdain has made his way through Cambodia (probably) but there were several foods for sale that we had never seen before.
A fast stop on the way from Phnom Penh to Kampot at the "fried frog" stand. These little frogs are considered a delicacy and some of the group, including intrepid Karen from Perth, Australia gave it a go. I'm rather finicky when it comes to picking a frog out of a platter that everyone else was touching, and had been sitting out in the heat, AND fried in god-knows what. Not for me. Eak thinks they are delicious. Karen said "not bad."
Frogs are also widely eaten for lunch in the country. The farmers look for a big crab hole and poke around with a stick. If they feel a frog, they use another stick with a hook on the end to drag the frog out and make a fast pot of frog soup.

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