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Terrace of The Elephants in Cambodia

Terrace of The Elephants in Cambodia

Today, it was time for what some tourists consider the piece de resistance of Angkor Wat, the famous Bayon, built by King Jayavarmann VII, a Buddhist Temple. I happen to like the Bayon better than Angkor Wat itself. Probably because of the 37 towers, all with four carved faces oriented towards the cardinal points. There is disagreement as to whether the faces are the compassionate Buddha, Bodhisatttva, King Jayavarman or a combination of both. Who cares. It is very, very impressive.
Our bus was too big to go through the gate and we transferred to tuk-tuks into the Bayon. You can also ride an elephant to this point, or around the Bayon itself. We were fortunate to see the Head Mahout idling on the elephant when we got off the tuk-tuks and our guide asked him to take us for a fast 10-minute ride around.

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