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What They Said About Cambodia e-Visa?

Since the Cambodia e-Visa system involved in infringement, Cambodia e-Visa Blog received many negative comments regarding the current system. Among them complained not able to make payment, do not receive e-Visa after payment made or received e-Visa with wrong details.

See what are they complaining about the current Cambodia e-Visa system below.

I am a travel agent staff. I applied the Cambodia E-VISA for my clients on line. First time, I filled up the application for 5 people and wait for payment. But the Web didn’t work. So, I proceed open another new Web to apply an other 5-people. (I have 20 VISAs need to apply) After i finished and checked the info, It showed correct, so I payed. But when I check the aprroved VISA’s details, I find that the approved visa’s details are confused with that i filled up on the first time. That is say. the approved VISA’s details are all wrong(include the photo,name, passport No.etc). and i payed.

Hello! Me and my friends are visiting Cambodia next week! I got my e-visa few weeks ago, but my friends did´nt! Someone is charged my credit card already (I applied all visas)! What I have to do to get visas or get money back???

I am in Ningbo,China. I want to apply Cambodia E visa, but can not login your

Besides, the news on Cambodia e-Visa system infringement can also be found in Wikitravel under Cambodia Visa section.

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