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Diving in the Sea for Pearls or Planning Murder?

Are divers from Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade simply divers who were having a fun time swimming off the shores of Israel? Perhaps, the 5 "friends" were merely enjoying a mere dive for shall we say, pearls in the Mediterranean?

The folly of it all! Sheer madness. And, yet, the awful truth is coming to fruition. When an Al-Aqsa terrorist is equated to being a "diver," and the Star of David is equated to a "swastika," well then, how does one discuss any topic in a rational matter?
In many ways, what European Presses are doing to Israel and to Jewish people around the world is tantamount to what I term, a "Press Pogrom." Europeans are once again trying to destroy innocent Jewish people not with guns, but rather, with vicious lies. I suppose that had the "divers" landed in Ashod and murdered a handful of innocent Israelis, then the terrorists would be termed "martys" (see the name of the terrorist organization) and the dead Israelis would be seen as "worthless pieces of s*** who are simply occupiers who deserve to be slaughtered en masse.

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