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Best place in Vietnam for Nightlife and Beaches

Although there are several beautiful places in Vietnam the ones that have been considered best are Na Trang which is a beautiful beach with very clear water so people swim all day land hang around the long sand beach. It’s lovely. There these beautiful coral reefs but the night life is not so good here probably because tourists have deserted it for the bars to have fun. But for people that love silence it still does the wonders with its forever glimmer of beautiful Vietnamese lights. 
The relaxing lounge bars, the night also offer s great discounts on all alcohols not forgetting the tasty cocktails. it is also a very safe place considering that Vietnam is a generally very peaceful and violence free country but in the wee hours of the night one ought to be very careful and watchful of pocket pickers who are usually men masquerading as women just to con drunk tourists of their money and gadgets 

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